ander lópez alberdi

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ander lópez alberdi (Bilbao, 1994) is an architect whose work gravitates around creation in many different variants. He obtained his degrees in architecture at ETSAB, Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya in 2018. Since then, he has experimented creation from several approaches, including: architecture, object design, digital design, architecture criticism, curatorial projects, installation, graphic design, set design and art direction. His work is characterized by the absence of prejudices and by productions in which the predominant constant is amusement, as a response to the volatility of the material and virtual environment.

ander lópez alberdi has collaborated with, Guillermo Santomà, Arquitectura G, Side Gallery Barcelona and Carlos Arroyo Architects  among others. His works have been featured in Neo2, Sicky, Schön!, Vein, C41, Fucking Young and Cap_74024.
+34 619 441 471
based in Spain