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I thought it was just a dream

Photography: Carlos Ojeda Jiménez, Art direction: Ander López Alberdi, Carlos Ojeda Jiménez,
Model: Alicia Gutiérrez from Francina Models, Clothes: Reparto Studio, Text: Ander López Alberdi, Location: Lahipoteca

The plans that we project are made up of illusion, hope and many uncertainties. The proportion between these three factors varies as the years go by.

As children, we envision incredible futures. We project our image of the future from illusion; at that moment, nothing and nobody can stop us, it is impossible. The world that surrounds us has not yet made havoc in our way of seeing ourselves and in the way we project ourselves.

That illusion persists, and will never or almost never go away, but part of it will turn into hope, which is the best metamorphosis one can undergo. Hope is defined as “confidence in achieving something or that something that is desired is accomplished”, but for there to beconfidence, there must also be a part mis- trust. Therefore, within its meaning, the word“hope” has a conscious part of this mistrust. While the illusion remains 100% pure.
Years go by and the world takes its toll on us, uncertainty begins to gain more and more space. We are more aware of the things that simply may not happen. Our gaze is more“objective” with respect to the parameters of society.

Perhaps the existence of this balance be- tween these three factors is what indicates that indeed, we are beings that have adapted to the context we are living in. But why didn’t anyone give us the option to live our life only from illusion?

For this reason, when the plans we imagined as children come true, that inner-child who dwells within us reawakens. And obviously, we act like that child within. It is an irrational response that only speaks of illusion, and nothing else. The child who made impossible plans becomes a spectator of his own achie- vements.

If you look on google, you will find tons of pho- tos of Norman Foster posing with his buildings in the background, Bella Hadid posing in front of her macro advertising campaigns, or Rosa- lia in Times Square looking in disbelief at the advertisement of her new album. We have the need to document ourselves with our accom- plishments, so that no one can take away from that inner-child what he has achieved. Doing so, we can be related to our achieve- ments for life. And, despite all the success you have, that child never ceases to smile with pride as you continue succeeding.

Ali is one of those people in whom the illusion factor occupies a very high percentage. It is what has allowed her to achieve everything she has set out to do. Since little more than

a year ago, with a lot of effort, she is mana- ging to make a niche for herself in the world of modeling, despite the prejudices existing in the industry.

For this reason, we want to make a stop along the way, and make a gift to that girl who has achieved it. Let her look at herself and enjoy all that she has built. Ali becomes innocent, looks at herself, caresses herself, loves her- self, and allows herself to continue dreaming.

“If I hadn’t had references to look up to, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now. Everything still seems like a dream, even though I’ve imagined this very same dream as a child.”