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parasite house, this is the new way of living

architecture research

w/Sarai Olabarrieta, Marina Lladó, Enric Bultó
Archmedium competition, SPECIAL HONOUR MENTION
It is the 21st century. There is a new way of life. We eat outside, study abroad and travel the world. We are nomads and like the change. We live in community and like to interact with others. That’s why in our project we question the limits.

We have created a cell that is emptied from the expendable spaces (kitchen, living room, corridor and hall). Bed and WC are the only elements that are being kept inside. Everything else is done outside. We want both the privacy of the cell and the public of the square. We parasite the building and the city. The building acts as an ecosystem.

We believe in self-management and in ecology. This is not something new, we are going back to our instincts. We believe in the ephemeral, flexible, recyclable and changing. We dry-build. The atrezzo is disassembled as easily as it is assembled. Maybe in the future this building won’t be social housing anymore. It might be Inditex’s.