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architecture final project
ETSAB, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

An aqueduct from I b.C crosses Barcelona from north to south through 15 km. This channel of water, that once was part of the life of the city, is nowadays buried by buildings and streets. The council of Barcelona wants now to unearth it again and return it to citizens. To achieve this aim, they maked a call for us, students from ETSAB, and proposed us to make several projects in the limits/shores of the cannel.

Taking the NAU IVANOW (constructed in the early 60’s, today used as a cultural center) as the germ of the whole project, I propose an addition volume that follows the rhythm of the preexisting constructions, building a cultural an sportive equipment for the city.

The whole project follows a very strict grill that is only interrupted when it arrives to the diagonal street Gran de la Sagrera. In this point of the project, simplicity disappears and all the exceptions turn into protagonist to give a strong image that makes us recognize the main entrance.