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a la mesa!

project WINNER for Concentrico 08 

with Sarai Olabarrieta
pictures by Josema Cutillas  

A table is an item that plays a huge role from the most routine events of everyday life, to some of the most important moments in history. At a table we can eat, study, play, have a debate, read, do crafts... and even sign peace treaties. A table has the potential to support powerful scenes around it as in Marina Abramovic's "This is de Artist" performance, the legendary painting The Last Supper or the already iconic picture of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron on February 2022 in Moscow

The project A la mesa! has the objective of accommodating all kinds of picturesque situations. Our table emerges from a neighborhood patio and conquers the street to attract the passer-by. Located between different urban fabric areas in the city of Logroño, it aims to be a meeting point for its communities. The Superior School of Design of La Rioja, the Town Hall square, the Historic Center of Logroño... they all now seem to gravitate around our table.

A la mesa! Is conceived to fulfill several functions:

· It extends the recreational area that is alive in the neighborhood patio towards Obispo Bustamante street. A compression of the public space is created and the result is an encouragement to take part in Concentrico.

· It invites passers-by to enter the interior patio and enjoy an intimate space in the center of the city of Logroño.

· Its organic design promotes the development of multiple activities like neighbors gatherings and meals, artistic workshops, meetings, talks and presentations or performances...

A la mesa! Is inspired by the form of a flowing liquid. This liquid metaphorically flows from the central fountain inside the patio towards Obispo Bustamante street and invades it. The purple color resembles the color of the fruit of the vine, referencing the wineries tradition and fields that surround the city of Logroño.