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architecture research, Archsharing Competition
w/Sarai Olabarrieta

The capsule that we create has an intriguing exterior image, with a strong presence from the town, that encourages the people to enter. The exterior image establishes a relationship with Fay-Let-Etangs’ “château” in terms of material and volume. Inside the rough geometry of the square, we generate three curved shapes that allows us to create a contrast between the interior and the exterior; as well as by not using any fence, limit the interior space of each different program.

The nature of the project make it replicable almost anywhere; likewise, the interior can undergo variations depending on the climate without compromising the general idea of the project. The outer materiality can also be modified and adapted to the outside environment.

This piece is an ecosystem that lives by itself but at the same time works as a catalyst for the activity of the place in which it is located, establishing a symbiosis relationship, beneficial for the community, the town and its people.